• Total magnesium oxide (MgO) 16.0-23.0%
  • Calcium oxide (CaO) total MIN 30.0%
  • Neutralization, min.: 52
  • CaCO₃, MgCO₃ – 95%
  • Moisture < 3%
  • BB 600 kg

The main ingredients of the product are calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, obtained by crushing (grinding, grinding) natural deposits of magnesium limestone.

Calcium and magnesium fertilizers in the form of granules, characterized by high solubility and very good absorption properties. Made from high quality micronized magnesium powder.

BioMag provides plants with an optimal soil balance, brings important nutrients – magnesium and calcium – into the soil. The high solubility of fertilizers promotes rapid changes in the pH level, with a positive effect on the physical properties of the soil – the humus in the soil improves the structure of the soil in the presence of calcium, which helps to maintain a favorable air-water ratio for plants.

Microbiological activity improves, and thus the availability of nutrients to plants as well. Test results show that the use of calcium-magnesium fertilizers contributes to an increase in yield by an average of 20-25%.

Fertilizers can be used in all types of soil, where rapid improvement of the pH level and enrichment of the soil with magnesium is required.

Magnesium plays an important role in many plant functions. It regulates the intensity of photosynthesis, as it determines the formation of chlorophyll in the leaves; affects energy exchange in plants, the synthesis of carbohydrates, fats and proteins and the transport of assimilates, reduces the amount of nitrates; promotes the development of the root system and processes of assimilation of plant nutrients.

Calcium has many very important functions in plants. Ensures integrity and permeability of cell walls, activates enzymes, neutralizes organic acids, affects root development and growth.

Application rates: 600-1000 kg/ha