Professional fertilization technologies
for ecological agriculture


We are BALTIC BIOINDUSTRY company group. We started our activities in 2012. Our main focus is the wholesale trade in lime and ecological fertilizers. In addition to that, we supply organic raw materials to various manufacturing companies. Every year we extend our assortment with at least several new products with an exceptional focus on finding innovative and advanced products.


In all of the countries we work, our ability to fulfill financial liabilities is excellent and we have a high level of credit ratings. While working between Eastern and Western Europe we have established a wide supply chain of materials and great relations with leading companies in the agricultural, manufacturing and energy sectors.


We started working internationally from the time our companies have been established and we work and collaborate with customers and suppliers all around Europe. International trade has always been our main focus, therefore, we generate a huge part – 95% of our revenue – by successfully importing and exporting.


Professional fertilization technologies for ecological crops