Humic acid concentrate.

Guaranteed content:
Total humic extract (humic + fulvic acids) 51.2% w/v
Humic acids 38.4% w/v
Fulvic acids 12.8% w/v
Organic carbon (C) 24-26% w/w

Density: 1.28 g/ml
pH 3.5 – 4.5
Raw material: leonardite (oxidized lignite) 60% w/w

CRIPTHUM is a liquid, concentrated micron-particle suspension of encapsulated humic and fulvic acids, fully active and extracted from carefully selected natural leonardite, whose main distinguishing feature from other humic acid products on the market is the acidic pH level.

Fertilizer is especially recommended to improve the fertility of tired soils and the structure of highly mineralized soils. CRIPTHUM promotes the release of blocked nutrients, increasing their availability to plants, improves the soil’s ability to bind nutrients and water. Humic substances improve the formation of the root system and the vegetative growth of plants, increase the yield.

Recommended dose for soil treatment: 2-4 L/ha 1-2 times in the early stages of plant vegetation.

Packaging: 10L cans.