Non-mycorhizal microorganisms. Water soluble fertilizer. Root stimulator.

Guaranteed content:

Azospirillum brasilense inoculum 10 7 CFU/ml

Density 1.04 g/cm3

pH 4.5-5.5


FERTTYBYO contains carefully selected microorganisms that promote the development of the root system of crops, increase the availability of nutrients to plant roots and strengthen the natural immunity of plants – atmospheric nitrogen is bound, hard-to-dissolve mineral compounds are dissolved, stimulate the formation and growth of new root shoots – an increase in root mass, as well as a set of physiologically active substances is released – various enzymes, vitamins, proteins, amino acids, plant growth regulators and substances that strengthen the natural plant defense system. The use of FERTTYBYO improves soil quality, ensures better vegetative development of plants and increases yield.

The high content of biologically active substances produced by the microorganisms in FERTTYBYO has a direct stimulating effect on the main processes of plant development, such as germination, early growth, colonization of the rhizosphere (~3 mm thick zone around the roots) and ensures the correct intake and supply of nutrients necessary for growth to each plant tissue.

Azospirillum Brazilian:

  • Strong nitrogen fixation activity, which allows to optimize nitrogen fertilization by naturally supplementing the soil stock with nitrogen (N) in the atmosphere;
  • Unique biochemical pathways that restore and dissolve soil nutrients (N, P, K, trace elements…);
  • Synthesizes natural phytohormones that stimulate plant development and strengthen immunity.

These bacteria have a very high adaptability. They adapt well to different conditions and settle in the soil, supplementing the already naturally existing colonies of microorganisms there.

Dosage and method of administration:

seeds and planting material: 2 L/T for seed material, for potatoes – 5 L/T of planting material.

For soil and foliar application:

The recommended dose is 5 liters of FERTTYBYO per hectare for horticultural crops. It is recommended to repeat the application as needed every 15-20 days throughout the harvest cycle.

For vegetables and strawberries: 5-10 L/ha throughout the season at 15-20 day intervals.

For cereals, rapeseed, corn: 5-15 L/ha spraying before sowing and after germination 1-2 times with an interval of 15-20 days.

Dosage is variable depending on soil conditions and crops. Higher doses may be required for areas of very intensive cultivation or degraded (low fertility) soils.

Spraying should preferably be done late in the evening or in cloudy weather, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight.

The recommended amount of water is 250-500 L/ha (preferably as much as possible so that microorganisms spread as much as possible).

FERTTYBYO is recommended in combination with root stimulators, amino acids and/or organic matter.
Do not make one beacon mixture with fungicides, avoid mixing directly with strong acids, as well as with copper, sulfur, bactericides or products with extremely high or low pH levels.

Store temperature above +5°C and below +40°C, in a room protected from direct sunlight.
Use the opened package within two weeks.