HEROBOR LIQUIDO gives the plant a special form and concentration of boron to eliminate its deficiency in the fastest and most effective way. The liquid form of the product facilitates dosing, ensures perfect dissolution and complete assimilation.

Declared composition:
Boron (B), water-soluble boron ethanolamine 15.0%

Boron is necessary for all plants. An adequate amount of boron is very important to obtain high and quality yields. Lack of boron is observed quite often, because most of the boron in the soil is in a form that is difficult for plants to absorb. Visually observable signs of boron deficiency on plants indicate already late and less effective fertilization, as well as an already negative effect on the expected harvest. It is recommended to use Herobor Liquido preventively, before signs of deficiency are observed, for all plants, but especially for crops requiring boron.

Boron is very important for the formation of plant reproductive organs. It is necessary for the formation of high-quality pollen, fertilization of flowers, formation and development of fruit sets. Butterflies, cabbage plants, potatoes, root crops, vegetables, oil plants, fruit and berry trees, etc. are very sensitive to boron deficiency. For rapeseed boron improves overwintering and ensures crop quality.

Boron is immobile in the plant, so it is preferable to divide the fertilizer doses into several applications to ensure maximum efficiency.

Crop Dose, l/ha Instructions for use
Rapeseed 1.0-3.0 In autumn, at the stage of development of 4-6 leaves, applying a dose of 1.0-2.0 L/ha. In the spring, when vegetation resumes, and in the stage of flower bud development, using a dose of 1.0-3.0 L/ha.
Corn 1.0 Applying at the 4-8 leaf development stage of corn.
Potatoes 1.0-2.0 Use a dose of 1.0-2.0 L/ha before flowering.
Beans 2.0 As soon as the foliage has developed enough to accept the spray.
Strawberry 1.0-2.0 Dose 1.0 L/ha, at the stage of white buds. If necessary, application is repeated after 14 days.

In autumn, after setting out seedlings, using a dose of 2.0 L/ha.

Vegetables 1.0-3.0 Apply at the stage of 8-10 leaf development.
Cabbage  3.0 At the development stage of 4-6 leaves, repeating after 10-14 days if necessary.
Fruit trees 1.0-2.0 2-3 applications during the season. The first application is carried out before the opening of the flower buds at the white bud stage, the second at the beginning of flowering and the third at the stage of fruit set formation.