Granulated carbonate agricultural lime POLCALC is a highly reactive fertilizer with the highest deacidification parameters.

● CaCO3: 92,8%
● Magnesium content MgCO3: < 5%
● Other elements and water content: 7,5-3,9%
● Humidity: 7% (+/-2%)
● Pellet size: 2 – 6 mm
● Reactivity: 99%
● Raises soil PH in the most effective manner
● Instant effect
● Appropriate granulation makes it is easy to spread in the field, just like other granulated fertilizers
● Available in 500 kg moisture-proof big bags
● This completely ecological fertilizer of natural origin is made by grinding and granulating limestone rocks
● It harms neither soil nor plants in any way

For more information, see www.kalkinimas.lt