Magnesium-sulfur fertilizer enriched with potassium and microelements®

Composition: SO3 22%, MgO 21%, CaO 15%, K2O 5,5%, NaO 1,8%
Granulometric parameters: 2-5 mm granules
Substance pH: 8.5
Packaging: 500 kg Big Bag

POLISULMAG® magnesium-sulfur mineral fertilizer is a response to the low abundance of this component in soils. It is a perfectly composed product, based on polyhalite rich in potassium, calcium, sulfur and sodium with an increased dose of magnesium, naturally contained in the mineral. The high content of magnesium has a significant impact on the quality of crops and their proper growth. The ideal ratio of macronutrients contained in the mineral fertilizer Polisulmag® allows you to meet most of the nutritional needs of plants. Due to the reduced content of chlorides, it is safe to use on all types of soil. The high solubility of the product and the extended period of the release of elements ensure that the crops are evenly supplied with the right amounts of nutrients. The mineral magnesium-sulfur fertilizer Polisulmag® is recommended for most agricultural crops, including sugar beet, maize, rapeseed and cereals. A high demand for this element is also found in vegetable crops, including legumes.

Properties of Polisulmag® Mineral Fertilizer:

  • high proportion of magnesium and sulfur with the addition of potassium, calcium and sodium in one dose;
  • full solubility, no effect of salinity and acidification of the soil;
  • gradual release of nutrients and extended availability;
  • reduced risk of sulfate loss and reduced chloride content;
  • granulate for use before sowing and top dressing, excellent spreading capacity;
  • increases the effectiveness of fertilizer and soil nitrogen;
  • recommended for many plant species, including: wheat, corn, rice, potatoes, especially those grown on acidic soils. Also recommended for vegetables, fruit trees and ornamental plants.

G2D Nodens Technology ™ – multi-stage technology of atomization, separation, mixing and aggregation of active particles (along with their disintegration activator), thanks to which the product is characterized by the highest performance parameters and allows for significant savings in fertilization.

Agricultural Crops Dose of fertilizer (kg/ha)
Winter barley, wheat 250-300
Winter rye 200-300
Spring wheat, barley, oats 200-300
Rape 350-500
Peas, beans 250-300
Buckwheat 200-250
Potatoes 200-250
Maize 300-500
Grassland 250-500
Sugar beets  350-500


Vegetables & Fruits Dose of fertilizer (kg/ha)
Beetroot, carrots, peas 250
Cabbage, cauliflower, Savoy cabbage, etc. 350-500
Paprika, cucumbers, beans 250-300
Garlic, onions, kohlrabi, radishes 350-500
Zucchini, pumpkins, watermelon 300-350
Leeks 250-450
Fruit trees and berries 250-350