Spower® BioKornP++

Spower® BioKornP++

P16 (+3 MgO+13S) +60gB, +75gCu, +400gMn, +2g Mo , +570g Zn, +19% Ca
600 kg BB

Spower®BioKorn fertilizer is designed to compensate for the lack of sulfur in the soil and provide plants with micronutrients in balanced proportions. Spower®BioKorn fertilizers increase both the phosphorus-sulfur and nitrogen-sulfur ratio to the level necessary to ensure the availability of water-soluble phosphorus and increase the efficiency of nitrogen use in the soil.

The fertilizer contains all the micronutrients necessary for crops in addition to the micronutrients boron and molybdenum, which are lacking in most soils. Among micronutrients, the greatest need is of the zinc, manganese and copper. If there are enough of these trace elements, nitrogen efficiency and protein concentration increase, and the water absorption capacity of plants increases.

Quantities are calculated for an average grain yield.

Cereals are very sensitive to manganese deficiency, the deficiency of manganese disrupts the plant’s water balance, negatively affects cell volume, cell elongation, and lateral root formation.

Zinc is involved in protein metabolism and promotes cell division. Deficiency causes delayed plant development in early growth phases. Zinc helps to manage the heat stress and water deficit. This helps the plant to grow with less water.

Copper improves the efficiency of photosynthesis and promotes cell wall stability and lignin synthesis. The plant is stronger, less prone to disease-causing and pest attacks.

Use doses according to the fertilization needs of the cultivated plant, the amount of phosphorus available in the soil and the planned harvest.

Spower®BioKorn ++ dosing instructions:

Cereals 200-250 kg/ha

Maize, rapeseed 300 kg/ha

Fodder grass 250-300 kg/ha


Total phosphorus, P2O5

100% phosphate rock

Total magnesium, MgO

100% magnesium sulfate

Total Sulphur, S

57,7% soluble in water

Elemental sulfur 42,3%
Total calcium, Ca

67,7% limestone with 90% reactivity

32,4% gypsum with a reactivity of 90%

Total boron, B

66,7% calcium borate

33,3% disodium tetraborate

Total copper, Cu

100% copper sulfate

Total manganese, Mn

100% manganese sulfate

Total molybdenum, Mo

100% sodium molybdate

Total zinc, Zn

100% zinc sulfate

Gypsum equivalent

100% granular gypsum