Spower® BioNP++

Spower® BioNP++

NP 8+8 (+9S) +160g B, +1,1g Co , +60g Cu , +320g Mn , +5,2g Mo , +200g Zn +19% Ca
600 kg BB

Spower®BioNP++ contains a balanced amount of organic nitrogen, phosphorus and necessary trace elements. Suitable for use in organic farms for the main fertilization of all types of crops, especially corn, buttercups (alfalfa, legumes, etc.) The most important is molybdenum, which, together with cobalt, manganese, zinc and copper, is decisive for nitrogen uptake. If there is a lack of molybdenum, not enough of the enzyme nitrogenase is produced. Nitrogenase is responsible for nitrogen fixation in Rhizobium bacteria that colonize plant roots.

Boron increases the availability of nitrogen in the plant and has many other functions, including cell division and elongation, pollination, development and fruit growth. Boron helps transport starch from the leaves to the roots. For example, the yield of lucerne is significantly lower if there is a lack of boron.

Molybdenum is an enzyme of nitrate reductase and a component of nitrogen, so it is important for nitrogen uptake and efficiency. Due to the deficiency of this element, nitrates accumulate in the plant, which disrupts protein metabolism. This is the reason for the residual nitrogen in the silos.

Zinc and copper. Cereals, maize and legumes are susceptible to zinc deficiency. This can lead to increased infestations of aphids and pathogenic organisms. Copper deficiency inhibits photosynthesis, reduces protein content and limits nitrogen fixation.

Manganese. All plants are sensitive to manganese deficiency, as it participates in photosynthesis reactions, acts as a nitrogen reducer and an enzyme regulating carbohydrate metabolism.

Cobalt is essential for nodule bacteria to produce vitamin B12 for nitrogen fixation.

Use doses according to the fertilization needs of the cultivated plant, the amount of phosphorus available in the soil and the planned harvest.

Spower®BioNP ++ indicative doses:

Cereals 200-250 kg/ha

Maize, rapeseed 300 kg/ha

Legumes, lucerne 250-300 kg/ha

Total nitrogen, N 

100% organic nitrogen

Total phosphorus, P₂O₅      

100% phosphate rock

Total Sulphur, S

15,4% soluble in water

84,6% elemental sulfur

Total calcium, Ca

67.7% limestone with 90% reactivity

Total boron, B

66.8% calcium borate

33.3% disodium tetraborate

General Cobalt, Co

100% cobalt sulfate

Total copper, Cu

100% copper sulfate

Total manganese, Mn

100% manganese sulfate

Total molybdenum, Mo

100% sodium molybdate

Total zinc, Zn

100% zinc sulfate