Spower® Wiese

Spower® Wiese

Phosphorus fertilizer with sulfur +18(+14) and calcium 22 % Ca

Spower®Wiese fertilizer contains rock phosphate, which dissolves faster than other phosphorus sources. The addition of elemental and sulfate sulfur (in a ratio of 4:1) significantly accelerates the conversion of phosphate rock into a form of P₂O₅ available to plants, supports the correction of the cation balance in the soil absorption complex and without long-term sulfur supply, and also provides faster uptake of sulfate sulfur. The highly reactive calcium in fertilizers aerates (improves oxygenation) the soil and supports the conversion of elemental sulfur to sulfate sulfur that can be used by plants.

Phosphorus is essential for root growth and development. Roots are able to absorb more water and nutrients, bind more carbon, which is one of the conditions for normal photosynthesis. Sulfur is necessary for the formation of a quality crop. It is the second most important nutrient after nitrogen when it comes to ensuring yield and yield quality.

Calcium is present in all structures and parts of plant cells, it is a very important element that ensures plant life processes – it stabilizes cell membranes, ensures the permeability of substances; activates various enzymes; very important for root growth and normal functioning; to form healthy and strong vegetative parts of the plant, etc.

Use the doses of fertilizers according to the fertilization needs of the cultivated plant, the amount of phosphorus available in the soil and the planned yield.

Guideline fertilizer dose: 300 kg/ha.


Total phosphorus, P2O5 18%
Total sulfur, S 14%
Elemental sulfur (S) S 7,40%
Sulfur sulfate (SO4) S 6,60%
In addition:
Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) CaO 30,80%
Density 1,080 kg/m3
Net weight: 600 kg (Big bags)