P (Ca, S) 19-(31-31)

TYPE A2.2a

Granular phosphorus fertilizer containing calcium and sulphur for pre-sowing fertilization of all crops. The phosphorus contained in this fertilizer is very soluble in water (at least 93% of phosphorus compounds), which means that the fertilizer is very versatile and widely applicable, and the phosphorus contained in it is quickly available to plants. High sulphur content, which is released gradually – reduces sulphur losses and supplies plants throughout the growing season.

Granulated Superphosphate is a typical pre-seeding fertilizer. It is necessary to mix it with the soil up to the depth of 10-15 cm. The fertilizer stays on top of the sod only in case of grassland and is gradually transported deep inside by precipitation waters.

Choose the doses according to the plant fertilization needs, the amount of phosphorus available in the soil and the planned harvest.


  • for pre-sowing application for all cultivated plants
  • on all soils irrespective of their chemical composition
  • contains very well soluble form of phosphorus
  • yield-promoting effect thanks to high sulphur content which is released during the entire vegetation period of a plant
phosphorus pentoxide (P₂O₅)

  • soluble in neutral solution of ammonium citrate, incl. min. 93.0% soluble in water
calcium oxide (CaO) soluble in water 31%
complete sulphur trioxide (SO₃) 31%
Bulk Density: 1,0-1,1 kg/dcm³
Typical content of granules size 2,0 to 5,0 mm min. 90%
Granulated. 500 kg BigBag


DOSAGE, kg/ha

low medium high
Winter crops 5.0 380 250 170
Spring crops 4.0 320 220 150
rapeseed 3.0 400 280 200
Maize for seed 7.0 600 450 300
Potatoes  25.0 400 200 100
Sugar beet 40,0 400 200 100
Leguminous for seed 2.5 320 200 120
Maize for green feeder 50,0 550 380 250
Papilionaceous plant with grass – green feeder 50,0 550 420 250
Grass in field cultivation – green feeder 45,0 550 420 250


The product does not lose its properties during transportation and storage if the following requirements are met:

  • the original packaging is not mechanically damaged;
  • the bags are stored in a dry place, protected from direct sunlight;
  • optimal storage temperature: up to +30 ° C;
  • the maximum number of stacks of BB bags during storage is up to 3.