Product description

  • EC fertiliser, type A.3.2
  • composition: 30,0% K2O, 22,0% SO3, 15,0% CaO, 3,0% MgO
  • fragmentation: 100% < 90 microns
  • granulation 2-8 mm
  • pH of the substance: 7-8.5
  • precautions: use eye and face protection. If in eyes, rinse carefully with water for a few minutes. If swallowed, contact your doctor immediately!
  • store away from the sun, in a dry and well-ventilated room
  • source of easily assimilable, fully soluble potassium in the form of sulphate
  • wide range of plant nutrient coverage, a balanced proportion of sulphur and calcium with magnesium
  • immediate effect and extended availability for plants (up to 50 days)
  • granulate for pre-sowing and top dressing applications, excellent seeding capacity
  • full solubility, no soil salinity or acidification effect
  • intended for agricultural and vegetable crops
  • G2D Nodens Technology™ – a multi-stage technology for atomisation, separation, mixing and aggregation of active particles (including their disintegration activator), thanks to which the product has the highest performance parameters and allows to achieve significant savings in fertilisation

Vervactor® is a modern granulated mineral fertiliser. The high proportion of potassium in combination with sulphur, calcium and magnesium allows the fertiliser to cover a wide spectrum of plant nutritional needs. Thanks to this, Vervactor® accelerates plant growth and tissue forming quality, as well as stimulating root system development and increasing the plant’s ability to transport nutrients. Vervactor® activates the processes of plant photosynthesis, as well as the synthesis of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, and supports the plants’ thermal resistance at the same time. Thanks to the potassium that it contains, the plants accumulate provitamin A and vitamins B1 and C; additionally, the quality of sugars they accumulate is improved as well. In turn, sulphur enables the detoxification of heavy metals and xenobiotics. Vervactor® is a comprehensive solution that combines crop safety and excellent performance!

Application and dosage
Fertiliser for pre-sowing and top dressing; mixing with soil is recommended. In order to select an appropriate dose, it is necessary to take into account the target yield, soil type and its physical and chemical characteristics. The following dosage list is indicative.\

Agricultural crops
Plants Dose of fertiliser (kg·ha-1)
Sugar beet 200-400
Hops 300-600
Peas 240-400
Buckwheat 200-250
Spring barley 150-250
Winter barley 150-250
Maize 300-500
Clover (green fodder) 200-300
Clover with grasses 200-300
Maize (green fodder) 200-300
Lucerne (green fodder) 200-400
Lucerne with grasses 200-300
Cereal mixtures 250-450
Oat 150-250
Spring wheat 200-250
Winter wheat 200-250
Triticale 150-250
Rape 400-500
Sunflower 200-400
Soya 200-450
Jerusalem artichoke 200-350
Grassland (meadow) 200-300
Potatoes 200-250
Rye 150-250


Plant Dose of fertiliser (kg·ha-1)
Broccoli 250-450
Red beet 250-450
Onion 200-450
Horseradish 350-550
Garlic 150-200
Dwarf beans 150-300
String beans 150-300
Green peas 100-200
Kale 350-500
Kohlrabi 400-600
Cauliflower 350-600
Brussels cabbage 300-500
White cabbage 400-700
Red cabbage 450-650
Savoy cabbage 350-500
Napa cabbage 400-600
Carrot 150-400
Cucumber 150-300
Bell pepper 200-400
Tomato 200-500
Leek 300-600
Turnip 500-600
Radish 250-450
Icicle radish 250-450